Instructor advice when preparing for your Practical Driving Assessment:

Left something behind (LSB):

When asked to pull over,
look in the mirrors, indicate left, stop close to curb, don’t block driveway or bus stop, don’t stop close to the intersection,
once stopped secure the car put it in the parking, put the handbrake on and cancel indicator.
It requires you to come back to the same house, where you first stopped,
The assessor may say safely turnaround and come back or may say look at the house, remember it, you need to come back to the same house when I ask you to turn around. If you use the left driveway, make sure the front wheels of the car are in the middle of the driveway, then lock the steering wheel to the left.
Don’t straighten the steering till your car is straight, check four sides before reversing, don’t need indicator, wait for the two back wheels came on the road, then lock the steering to the right, don’t straighten the steering till your car is straight, then do right mirrors inductors and blind spot,
If you use the right driveway,
keep to the left side of the driveway, go one meter inside driveway, don’t straighten the steering till the car is straight.
Check four sides before revealing, no indicators, lock the steering to the left straight away, don’t straighten the steering till the car is straight, then do Right mirrors indicators blind spot, “MIB” before moving forward, then choose another driveway and go back to the same house. Where you first stopped.
Don’t use any driveway which is blocking your view, don’t use a driveway, close to the intersection,
If a roundabout is close, you can use it to turn around, instead of a driveway.

Checking Mirrors indicator blind spot:

M I B (men in black).
Before you move forward
Before you stop,
Before you change lanes,
Before you overtake parked cars,
Before you move forward,
after you reverse the car from the driveway and parking lots, & while merging

Vehicle management:

Wear a seat belt, close door, properly cancel hand break.
M I B if safe then go.

At a railway crossing:

Look for trains, much before you enter, do not enter if lights are flashing even though gates are open, do not stop on yellow lines.

While reversing:

Never reverse till u physically look all four sides.


Always drive close to require speed, drive confidently not too fast or too slow, Speed thrills, but fails the test, so does over caution.

Round about:

Approach slowly, look right and left, always give way to the vehicle on your right.

Stop sign:

Must stop fully, apply the brake, look right and left, if safe then go.

At traffic lights:

If your car is first, as lights became green, quickly look in direction of cars coming, if safe then go.

Keep looking in the rear view:

Check mirrors every 20 seconds and every time you press break.

No statistic steering:

The car must be moving when turning the steering wheel.